Monday, September 21, 2009

In Cheeseland

Hey everyone,

Recently, on vacation in Wisconsin, I happened upon and old hippie radical from the 60's. UWisconsin at Madison, where he went to school, was a hotbed of demonstration against the Vietnam War back then. I discussed the Installation with him and he dismissed it. He told me it was not strong enough and loud enough and "in your face enough." I understand where he was coming from. There's a time and a place and a person for that kind of activism. I defend his right to that kind of street demonstration.


The Buddhist Community in Rochester has a scheduled night of meditation. Kind of a meditation for Peace and against War. What does it really change if you meditate against War? I don't know. What will a bunch of calligraphy pieces hanging from a ceiling do to end War? I don't know. I do know ... that this is my venue. This is how I would do it. I will do it. This is the silent scream from the ceiling where the Art Intallation will hang. I've seen photos of Thomas' Installation. I am moved by the power. The grace. The communication. The will of several hundred people who took the time and the heart to address this issue. Rage against the machine? This is how we will do it. I'm getting all soap-box again. Yst this is where my heart lies. Peace.

I remind myself to contact the Buddhists in Rochester ... and I received in inquiry from South Africa. Cool. This week all of the Canadian Guild invitations went out. My Mom was born in Canada. Half of the American Guild invites went out as well. I pray for a great response.

Peace and Love to all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Under 100 ...

There are two or three listings of Calligraphy Guilds on the web. I opened two and began to go through them, looking for active Guilds in the US and Canada. This, to send them snail mail copies of the invite to participate in the Art Installation. Wow. Just under 100 Guilds across North America that seem active. More than I imagined. There were more than a few that have disbanded and that is a lesson on keeping your Guild healthy.

"But Mike, why not email it?" Well ... I sent an email to the nice folks in the Calligraphy Society of Arizona - and the stinkin' little electrons burped and compressed it all into one big word! Yeah, there's times I'm just a Ludite, so there! Apology to Joyce Bank, out West.

Starting to hear replies. Hamilton Guild (Ontario, Canada) said that they were on-board a while back. They're just around Lake Ontario from us. Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichhan Valley (British Columbia, Can.) has also responded. Not around the corner from us. And ... the lovely Linnea Lundquist of California is on-board. Apparently I've go to send Ward Dunham, her hubby a postcard to get Ward's attention. Ward's got the best Blackletter around.

Still waiting on my appointment to finalize the Venue. Patience. Patience Michael. How's YOUR design coming? Email me and tell me how it looks. I can be had on the Cyberscribes on Yahoo Groups. Fall is here. Me and my colored pencils are going out to sketch some leaves. Peace all.


Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering in both peace and war, must be translated into bread or rice, shelter, health and education, as well as freedom and human dignity. Ralph Johnson Bunche (1904-1971 American political scientist and diplomat who received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where Are We Coming From?

Ahh September and Fall is in the air in Upstate New York. My favorite time of year. Apples are crisp. Leave are looking to turn. The geese are forming Vs and flocking.

Well. I've gotten poked at a few times this week, both on-line and in person. So. Where Are We Coming From? Again. This Installation is not an anti-war rant. That's the wrong mindset. It's pro-Peace - it its many forms and very much where YOU are coming from in YOUR life. I am very sensitive to the guys and gals whose blood seeps into the sands of Iraq and Afganistan. Peaceniks in the 60's made the error of attacking the soldiers and not the premise of war. Peace can be sought without anger and rage. We're telling what we feel with our calligraphy and art.

Let me pound a stake in the ground. Clarify. I hope I'm not your worst nightmare. I'm an older, white, male, Republican, Missouri Synod Lutheran, Yankee, Veteran (4 years, enlisted during Vietnam, overseas duty in Korea) with a bunch of grandchildren. And I advocate Peace. I think most wars are stupid. I think that once in a while we need to pick the rifle up and go help someone out. But I hope and pray daily that wiser heads prevail. I pray that my government (past and current) seeks Peace more than confrontation. I pray that the kid with the gun in my City calms down and does not use it tonight. I pray that the husband does not take his job loss out on his wife. I pray that I too can find Peace in MY HEART for all those I meet and those I have yet to meet. I'm a 59 year old work in progress.

Peace. It need not be tangled up in other issues. Seek it. If you're religious, pray for it. Talk about it. Then do it up on a 5"x20" piece of paper and contribute it. Your thought - with many others.

How powerful.

Calligraphy Guild in Michigan is on-board.
Sheila Waters is on-board.
Will you contribute?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Can Do Photos! And The Unveil.

I've now got an entire page of single spaced instructions for posting photos to the Blog but it's done. Whew! The Grand View shows the diversity of artists and their mediums. This is what we want for our Installation. This was Thomas' dream, I have to believe.

Well. I'm ready to unveil this on Cyberscribes. ALL THE GUILDS! All the individual artists and Calligraphers. From Down Under to DC, from the Suncoast to Seattle, from the Big Apple to LA, allllllllll the fly-over Guilds. Mike's putting out the word. WORDS FOR PEACE. Will you contribute to this Art Installation due to be mounted in the Spring of 2010? Will you? Please?

More info will follow on Cyberscribes and this Blog.

wondering what he's gotten himself into
up in Rochester, NY
Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild

One Broadside.

Grand View.

What Will It Look Like?

My daughter's been on my case to give color to the Blog and to post photos. Tough to post photos of what is yet to be. But ... here are some shots of what has been done. Thomas has used two methods of display. One is the 5 sided lantern. One is the back-to-back sheets. I'm favoring the back-to-back. I tried to get ahold of the person who shot these photos. He/she did a nice job. My apologies for using them if it causes issues. Again, these are (and will be) 5" by 20", on paper, with the theme of PEACE. I'd love to see the first broadsides coming in this Fall and have them all accumulated by Easter next. Mailing address to follow. Let's see how much of a learning curve these photos are ...