Monday, February 22, 2010

The Mail Arrives!

Pieces that have recently arrived in the Post. Some really, really talented folks have sent me some great work. Will we see yours?

Carol Gray and Michael Smith and Maria Turk and Hilde Friese of The Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet (FOTA), Cynthia Rudolph (a broadside, with gold leaf, and a bag of peace cranes) of Masscribes, Elsie Milroy of La Société des Calligraphes de Montréal (in English and then a 2nd in French - cool), Christine Anmad of The Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer up in Alberta (this one … this one I’ll have to photograph and post more about on the Blog … it’s unique), Barry Smith and Fiona Dempster of Queensland, Australia (another unique set of broadsides - Barry has to tell us how he did his).

The invite is still open. Check out the 2nd part of the Nov 10th post - and (the missing fact) the broadsides should be 5”x20” (12.7 x 50.8 cm). We REALLY want to see your work hanging with so many others.

I'll keep adding names as work arrives. My dining room table looks so cool!

"Peace may sound simple - one beautiful word - but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal." - Yehudi Menuhin

The Flood Has Started!

While we were away for a romantic weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake, my mailman was over stuffing my mailbox with broadsides. They've started to arrive! They are beautiful, creative, striking. Tonight I'll start to list who sent what and try to remember what Fiona was talking about ... compression of images? We'll phtograh and post them as well.


We merely want to live in peace with all the world, to trade with them, to commune with them, to learn from their culture as they may learn from ours, so that the products of our toil may be used for our schools and our roads and our churches and not for guns and planes and tanks and ships of war.
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Apparently ... in and amongst the long and wordy spiel below (Nov 10th), while I mentioned that Thomas asked for his broadsides in 5"x20", I forgot to mention what size we were asking for.

Yes. YES! We are also requesting that the broadsides be 5"x20". It's a nice size. You can go vert or horiz. Ok? Any questions? Connect with me on my email or the Cyberscibes on Yahoo.


Monday, February 1, 2010


I have been reminded by a friend that I have not been posting. My bad.

It's been Christmas and grandchildren and work and an operation ... and life. I hate it when life gets in the way of your passion. It's been a hard winter in Upstate New York. Very cold. It's 21 deg F (-6 C) right now and not expected to get any warmer.

Braodsides have begun to trickle in. I expect the bulk as we get closer to April. It's time to poke the owner of the Venue again to see how that's coming. We hope to have a sample of the exhibit for the Odyssey Calligraphy Conference in Boston, Mass. this July.

As soon as I have a fair selection of braodsides that come in, I'll photograph and post the pictures. This is a very visual town - home of the Eastman Kodak Company (where I work) and every kid grows up with a camera in their hand. So, photos as soon as I can.

Greetings from my Guild - The Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild. Wonderful crew of folks. And I suspect that the Greater Rochester Penmanship and Calligraphy Club (who dabble more in the Ornamental Penmanship area) also says "Hi".

Come on guys. Let's see the broadsides begin to roll on in. If you feel moved to do more than one. Wonderful! If you child or spouse wants to. Wonderful!

Gotta go. Work. Kodak calls.