Wednesday, November 18, 2009

May She Have Peace ...

Aside ... after a long struggle with cancer, calligrapher Ann Van Tassell of Blacksburg, Virginia lost her struggle against the long, dark night. Thirteen years is a long time to stay valiant. It is our hope and our prayer that she has found Peace. Blessings on her family and the entire calligraphy community that Ann touched.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quickly ...

I've posted the BLOG below without any modification. I tried to modify it and the Blog burped on me. It was suggested that I publish the flyer that I've been mailing out to everyone and so here it is.


Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contibute the best that they have and all that they are.
Hafsat Abiola

It Has Been Suggested ...

“Words For Peace” - An Art Installation

Consider this an invitation to contribute a piece of artful writing and/or calligraphy – or several pieces. Guilds may consider this as a project.

The Story.
Back in 2003, with the war in Iraq immanent, noted calligrapher Thomas Ingmire invited friends and colleagues to participate in a calligraphic art installation on the subjects of war, fear, and peace. Each person was asked to write out a statement on a 5”x20” sheet of paper with the idea of hanging these pieces in the San Francisco Public Library. More than 750 people from twenty-eight nations responded.

“… Some see it as an anti-war protest. Others look at it as a statement about freedom and a plea for world peace that asks each of us to live in this world responsibly … Perhaps … it is a demonstration of the power of passion and of the creative spirit … from the untrained writing of four year olds to the masterly calligraphy of the greatest living scribes … individual efforts … brought together to create a whole that is even richer than its parts... an apt symbol in itself for the idea of a peaceful world." T.I.

You can check out the website:
Click on EXHIBITION on the left
Click on “click to view” on the lower right
Enjoy the slide show of the 2008 installation at the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA

… and follow my BLOG at …

Present day: Thomas Ingmire has graciously given me permission to replicate a scaled down version of the installation in Rochester, NY. On behalf of myself and the Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild, I’d like to invite you to contribute.

I’ll shift the focus a bit for this version of the installation. Words For Peace. That’s the theme: PEACE - in all of its forms and manifestations. Peace on earth, Peace to mankind. Peace between peoples, between countries, races, and religions. Peace of the Spirit. Peace of God. Give Peace a Chance. Peace of Mind … take it where you will. So think Peace.

The ground rules – by Mike (I’ll take the heat).
o The venue is Lori’s Natural Foods, Henrietta (Fire Marshall APPROVED!!!).
o I’d like to receive submissions between Thanksgiving 2009 and Easter 2010.
o We’ll mount the exhibition in the Spring of 2010.
o The paper used shall be … well, paper. Not metal or whatever. Weight issues. I’d go Strathmore watercolor or drawing paper. Or any color paper.
o The writing medium is up to the artist/calligrapher. Watercolor. Inks. Crayon.
o The style is wide open; italic, Blackletter (Ward Dunham – you out there?), Illumination, abstract, uncial, italic, foundational, copperplate, etc., etc., etc.
o The theme is PEACE. From any angle. Can be Biblical. Can wax poetic. A word. A phrase. A story. Ghandi. MLKing. Your call.
o Lots of quote websites out there. Google “peace” and “quotes”.
o We’d like to keep vulgarity down. My son the artist says that’s difficult in an anti-war statement – try hard (Peter – you listening?). This is why it’s more “PEACE.” The venue will be kid friendly. Think gentle. The venue folks have suggested more thoughts of “peace” and less “anti-war” statements.
o Try to steer clear of personality bashing. Like the “Hey, Hey, LBJ …” chant from the 60’s. If you remember the 60s.
o Will I receive a response from Mike? Nah … we’ve got a beer budget. But we may post your name on the blog as they arrive.
o Will I receive my work back? Nah … it’s really a “light beer” budget. It may well be saved for future installations.
o Will I be reimbursed for my materials? What? Go fish.
o What kind of envelope would I use to mail it? I have no idea. But feel free to fold it in half to mail it.
o If you would, in light pencil, in small letters somewhere on the piece; your name and who you’re associated with – school, calligraphy guild, church – and your age if you wish.
o Photos will, no doubt, be posted to the Callig Graphics Board after the opening.
o Yes, you can do more than one piece – I’d encourage it.

Are you game? This is not a formal framed piece for an Art Guild show. Do you desire Peace In Our Time? Is there a fire in your belly? Commit it to paper and mail it off to me. We really want to see your work up in the air with hundreds of others. Challenge the rest of your Guild to this as well. What say?

Need more info:

Again … I’m blogging!

Mike Warner
Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild
157 Cherry Road
Rochester, NY 14612-5651

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What I told the Washington, DC Guild

I feel the need to clarify a few items.

First I am neither the best nor the most prolific calligrapher in our Guild. But I can REALLY organize. As Thomas Ingmire did, I want to bring this installation together because I believe in it. In the end it will not be my installation. I do not intend for my name to be on it. It will be the sum of so many people and their skills and their hearts. It will be the sum of many parts. It will be a living, breathing piece of art. I've heard the term "People's Art." I hope that this goes in that direction.

So it's not Mike's. It's not our Guild's. I am hoping that it will have a National and a World flavor to it. And that it will cross ethnic, religious, gender and age lines.

(can you believe all of this? my son cannot. peter is a liberal, democrat, vegan, artist and dad is a republican, conservative, carnivore working in research - he cannot believe that this project is coming out of dad. you really cannot pigeon hole the old man. ;) )

Mike up in Rochester