Friday, October 30, 2009

The People I've Met This Fall

Over email and phone and letters and face-to-face ...

An organizer for Veterans For Peace, Doug, nice guy.

An angry anti-War radical that said what I was doing wasn't for s**t. It did not go far enough.

A Mennonite who is sending me some Peace Cranes that people in Japan sent her.

Professor "Rem" who is helping me with origami - for more Peace Cranes.

Sundry wonderful calligraphers who are moved by this theme and statement.

An angry Mom who thought I was backstabbing her son in Iraq - and did not believe I was a Veteran.

A Pastor who turned me away.

A Pastor who embraced me.

And Judy, who i never hung with in High School, but who will make a broadside or two for this - 41 years after we last saw each other.

The Journey goes on - the path becomes clearer.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peace Cranes

Met last night with the Rochester Origami Club. They're on-board to work on origami peace cranes for the Installation. This is what Thomas added for his 2007 Installation. I have a connection here at work to the Asian-American community who may be able to help as well. I believe that the kids from the local Mennonite Fellowhip will be making some. Very exciting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Venue!

Fall in Upstate New York and the frost is on the pumpkin.

Amazing how a project takes on a life of its own and drags you along with it. The venue can be told now. It's Lori's Natural Foods in the Rochester Regional Market off Jefferson and East Henrietta Roads. (think of a huge Trader Joes) They have a great high ceiling. The structure, when the installation is up in the ceiling, is under discussion. They brought up a couple of neat ideas. I met with the dancing banana (you've never seen their commercials?) who is the co-owner and Lori's husband. What else? I've sent 150 letters out to American and Canadian Guilds, heard from South Africa, Australia ... cool! Maybe another 100 letters to go out. I've connected with the Rochester Mennonite Fellowship and the Rochester Buddhist Peace Fellowship. I'm meeting some very nice folks out there. Blessings on all of you because I know that we'll see some neat stuff coming out of the Guilds and the individuals out there. Hey, Ward Dunham's committed. Sheila Waters' committed. Will you?


If they want peace, nations should avoid the pin-pricks that precede cannon shots. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte